Stop Itch Jewelweed Soap For Poison Ivy Relief and Itchy Skin

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      Stop Itch Jewelweed Soap For Poison Ivy Relief and Itchy Skin
  • NATURALLY MADE WITH JEWELWEED OIL - This soap is used to wash away urushoil which is the invisible oil in plants. This soap contains natural ingredients, though this is a small bar,  you cannot over use it like some medications. These natural ingredients make STOP ITCH good to use anytime even if you only suspect you were in contact with a poison plant.
  • COMES WITH CONVENIENT CARRY CASE - The included carrying case comes with a locking lid and a rubber gasket seal. Case is waterproof and is made from durable thick wall plastic.
  • CONTAINS ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - Activated charcoal draws toxins out of the skin. The combination of rosemary essential oil, activated charcoal and jewelweed oil combine to sooth the skin and draw out toxin.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS - With ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil this soap is environmentally friendly and biodegradeable.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA - Everyone of these soap bars is small batch homemade in America. Only the owner of the company makes these soaps. Every bar is made by our time tested homemade process. There is no machine processing to this soap. Every bar is hand mixed, hand cut, and hand packaged to assure quality

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