Lavender Fields Body Butter Lotion

  • $7.00

This body butter is so amazing that I have trouble keeping it in stock.  As you apply your body warms the body butter transforming it into a light mousse like consistency.  The the best part is that it soaks into your skin almost immediately and makes your skin feel so soft.  The Lavender Fields Body Butter features a light lavender scent.  Lavender has long been thought to have healing properties that are beneficial to the skin.  My daughter started using this product and she said "I think my stretch marks are fading".  She must be right because several other people have said the same thing.

I recommend using this product for general skin care and moisturizing.  Also, I always recommend this product be used in combination with my face soap.  It acts as a one two punch with the face soap as the all natural ingredients heal and moisturize the skin.

As difficult as it is to keep this body butter in stock I will always have plenty of it because me and my family can't live without it.